Recognized by: ERC, NCTE, Bhubaneswar
Affiliated to: Binod Bihari Mahto Koylanchal University, Dhanbad

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Secretary Message

"What ithe teacher is , is more important then what he teaches."

Kal A Menninger

Teacher Education is a programme of education research and training of persons to teach from Pre-Primary to higher education level.It is a programme that is related to the development of teacher's proficiency and competence that would enable and empower the Teacher to meet the requiremnts of the profession and face the challengs threin.

Teacher education = Teaching Skills+ Pedagogical Theory+ Professional skills.

We are here bound to provide best quality teachers with pleasing personality to the nation with an aim to raise the standard and of education at school level.

Principal Message

It is withgreat pride that I welcome all of you to R.S.Teacher Training college. Students are the architects of a nation and the quality of education will help to determine how skiklled and efficient they became. What they get today will deeply and pervasively shape the fate of a nation and its students.

Our dedicated faculty members works incredibly hard to demonstrate exceptional teaching reflecting the best practice in education and also to provide as many opportunities for student who are struggling and for student who wish to be challenged at higher levels. Our teacher's commitment to our student is what sets them apart from other faculties across the state

A Teacher Training College at Katrasgarh is established with the aim of providing quality education to the future teachers. The teachers are the building blocks of any educational institution and the future of the students that get associated with the institution.

It is this very basic building block that needs to be strengthened to give a strong fundamental to our entire educational system. We, at R S Teachers Training College , aim at delivering our best with the help of best in class, Practical, Infrastructure (like Library, ICT Resource Centre, Physical and Health Education Resource Centre, Science Laboratory, A healthy Environment and all other required available resources.

The quality of education offered by the teachers depends upon the quality of Education/ Training they have received. The best practices propagated through the teachers percolate down to the students and helps us build a strong nation.

  • The name of the college is R S Teachers Training College.
  • The college is located in district Dhanbad at Katrasgarh.
  • The nearest railway station is at Katrasgarh which is 2.5 kms or Nichitpur halt which is .25 kms.
  • This is a co-education college and will cater to both boys and girls.
  • The status of the institution is non-minority.

The college is govern and run by RADHEY SHYAM MEMORIAL TRUST.